Re: Urethane Comment

From: markschanze (
Date: Thu Aug 20 1998 - 08:02:24 EEST

Yes you can produce polished surfaces out of urethane I have also been
doing it for years. My comment relates to the specific resin from Ciba
Geigy (TDT 186-1) which is inhibited by addition cure silicones.
Condensation cured silicones will inhibit this specific material also if
the alcohol from the crosslinking is not cured out of the silicone with
heat. Since you asked this question I went and re-read my mail to the list,
it does seem to imply that I was talking of urethanes in general. I
wasn't, just TDT 186-1, a good product but with it's own set of processing
requirements. Thanks for asking and giving me a chance to clearify!
Mark Schanze

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