Re: Plastic coating for Actua parts

From: Jay Jacobs (
Date: Thu Aug 20 1998 - 15:36:09 EEST

We only use this to either add color to the model or to add strength.
Brookfield also makes a lot of patterns that are used for lost wax
processing and typically just clean up the down facing surfaces and the
foundries run them as is.

Jay Jacobs
Brookfield Rapid Solutions
13 Hampshire Drive
Hudson, NH 03051 USA
(603) 577-9970

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From: Bengt Ivarsson <>
To: Jay Jacobs <>
Date: Thursday, August 20, 1998 3:13 AM
Subject: Re: Plastic coating for Actua parts

Good morning Mr Jacobs

Thanks for the information, I am most grateful. IŽll see if I can find
similar stuff over here.

You wouldnŽt know if a coating like this makes any difference when
casting from an Actua pattern?
We do a lot of lost wax casting from Actua. Works great if whenever it
is possible to get around the problem with rough downfacing surfaces.

Best regards,
Bengt Ivarsson
Project Manager
Electrolux Rapid Development

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