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Thanks for the evaluation. Just wanted to pass along that we now have an
office in Novi Mi.. (30 Min outside Detroit). Russ Beck Novi Mi., and Todd
Woiwode Austin Texas, contacts for service work.

Russ Beck
Sales Manager
Digibotics, Inc
24404 Catherine Industrial Road
Suite 318
Novi, MI 48375
(248) 374-1900
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><< Does anyone know of a facility in the Cincinnati area that can digitize
> existing part, produce the point cloud data and generate an STL file on
> that data?
> >>
>Erik - Digibotics (mfg. of a laser scanner) did this for me about a year
>Very successful. Although they are in Texas, between FedEx, Email & FTP
>we were able to get this done with a minimum of problems. Sorry, I don't
>a contact there anymore, but they MUST have a web site
>Roy Sheppard, Jr.
>Atlantic Technical Components
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