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Date: Mon Jan 04 1999 - 16:02:10 EET


Is the "curling" taking place at the edge of the surface or somewhere else.
We have had a similar problem I believe you are experiencing. Our
downfacing surfaces would curl on us (near the edge) but only when we
supported with gussets. Using Vista & unable to extend the gusset length
out toward the edge, we would support that particular surface with the
basic vertical support (just about .020 from the edge). This would
eliminate the curling affect. Hope this helps your problem.

Good Luck,

Dave Oblak
Mech Designer/RP
Beckman/Coulter Inc.
Miami, Fl

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Dear List

At the University of Liverpool we have an SLA 250 which is running 5220
with a hot laser (38mw at the vat) we are having dificulty producing good
quality downward facing surfaces. The faces seem to be curling downwards
into the vat producing a series of checkered bumps on the undersurface of
the part

Does anyone out there have any experience with this resin at these powers.

Thanks in advance

Dr. Chris. Sutcliffe
Product Innovation and Development Centre
Department of Engineering
3 Brownlow St.
Liverpool L69 3GL

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