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hi list,

one day, God is sick of our world...clinton's unfaithful...iraqi blowing up
the sand....what else bad can we come up with.

so God decides to build a new world and he choose four of the best RP
systems to rebuild the world.

and similary as God has built our World...He decides to take six days to
work on it too.....but maybe five...God must improve too, right?

day #1 :- knowing sla by far is the most acurate RP system....God uses
SLA to build man and woman......and they are perfect....absolutely close
tolerance and most are transparent. God is pleased with himself and the
models from SLA......but these men and women are so beautiful that God
decides to make them the angels to care for the world he will create.

day #2 :- knowing FDM is by far the most affordable and maintainable
system....God uses it to make animals and the terrains.....because the FDM
parts are more tough and durable...God build great mountains and lakes(FDM
parts dont warp under water...)...and from fdm God make animals that gallop
freely and fishes that swim unboundlessly....such is a wonderful
sight...that even some SLA men and women also wish that they have been
built from FDM....but God tells them...because FDM is only ten thous away
in He chooses the second best to build animals and
terrains...and use the best for His herald of angels.

day#3 :- now God knows sls is not a bad system God after
studying sls thoroughly and making its cost estimation He decides to build
volcanoes and the earth plates with the sls system. "why?" ask the SLA
species....God says "you see sls can form metal after inflitration and sls models will be the minerals and metals that one day you will
mine it for your use and survival." "but because most sls parts cannot
achieve accuracy when they are infiltrated and will be your
skills to forge these metals and build civilisations." says God to the SLA

day#4 :- now another not bad rp system is the LOM. and since it is mostly
paper models(or wood) so God decides to use it for making trees...actually
God is a little bit impatient....He doesn't bother to take out all the
unused paper cubes so He just left them there and these unused cubes become
the roots of the trees and stabilising them in winds and storms.

day#5 :- God is a little bit tired now...He is looking forward to build the
men and women that will reside in the middle world and then go for a
rest...but now some of the SLA men and women because of water vapor and
heat starts to warp and discoloured and turned "bad". now what can be worst
than cheese go bad....these warped and non-accurate SLA men and women
decides to go against God and then God drives them into Hell...well you
cannot blame the devil for spoiling the new Genesis...that's his job right?

day#6 :- still God must take six days again to build a new world....looking
at sls, FDM and LOM....God ponders which system should be used to build man
and woman again???

maybe can we help God to choose the best system...remember Adam and Eve
must choose to eat or not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge....Eve must be
even strong enough to born many of the rp-human race to multiply offsprings
of God under different nations.

so which RP system should God choose?


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