Re: Surface finishing of mold insert built by Rapid Tooling

Date: Tue Jan 05 1999 - 11:08:02 EET

RP parts yes but RT (3D Keltool) no. 3D Keltool can be finished to a mirror-
like surface. It can be polished to a finish just short of optical clarity.
While 3D Keltool does use stereolithography technology to produce accurate and
detailed Master Patterns, the surface finish of 3D Keltool production inserts
is not limited by the finish of the SLA Master Pattern. Master Patterns
produced by a Sanders machine are of no benefit to the 3D Keltool process as
they are not strong enough to be used.

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> Dear Chang-Shik,Min;
> The quality of surface finnish of RP parts is basically limited by the
> thickness of
> the layers used in building them. I would suggest that you consider a
> Sanders
> machine because it is capable of producing a very small layer thickness.
> Still this would NOT give you a "polished" surface, i.e.: better than 32
> RMS.
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> Greg Pettengill
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