RE: Use greyscale value of image as heightfield for simple 3D

From: Tony McKenzie (
Date: Tue Jan 05 1999 - 11:31:24 EET

ArtEmboss from Delcam plc. in the UK, provides the same functionality
as the Shade Analysis module in Cimagrafi. ArtEmboss automatically
creates a 3D relief model from greyscale image. The relief model can
then be exported as a triangulated STL file (to a user definable
tolerance), toolpaths calculated for manufacture or combined with other
3D model data as a texture or integral design element.

ArtEmboss is being used for,

    Design and manufacture of jewellery / medals / coins
    Manufacturing scale models of mountain ranges
    Mapping satellite information (grid / photos) into relief
    Creating complex free-form textures on ceramic tiles
    Manufacturing embossing dies for greetings cards

Both products require additional software modules to actually
manufacture anything, the Delcam solution is the lowest price.

Note of caution!
This technology is very primitive and has no intelligence. As a result
the quality of the final product depends upon the quality of the
greyscale image. For example, if a photograph of a person contains
shadow or highlights the 3D relief model will NOT be what you
expect! The brain is very good at resolving these 'grey areas'

I hope this helps.

Tony McKenzie
ArtCAM Product Manager

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Birmingham, B10 0HJ Tel +44 (0)121 766 5544
United Kingdom Fax +44 (0)121 766 5511

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