RE:point cloud of a sculpture

Date: Tue Jan 05 1999 - 20:51:30 EET

>>Do you have a sculpture you would like to digitise to generate an stl file,
>or are you just looking for an stl file of an ice dancing couple?
>We specialise in digitising live humans and building SLA models (and then
>turning them into metal or plastic reproductions), but have also done

Dear Matt,

I have no sculpture of an ice dancing couple. I am just looking for
an STL-File or a point cloud of an ice dancing couple. Then I will
scale the date and will generate NC-milling path for 5-axis machine.
We have in our institute a laser-scanner, a 5-axis-milling-machine an
a rapid prototyping machine.
If I could get a prepared point cloud, I would solve the problem
Thank you.
Dr.Christine Schoene

University of Technology Dresden
Institute od Production Engineering

01062 Dresden

Tel: 0049 351 463 2798
Fax: 0049 351 463 7159

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