From: Dr Anshuman Razdan (razdan@asu.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 05 1999 - 19:26:04 EET

Hi everybody

        Altho Michael probably didnot mean to send this email to the rpml, in a way
I am glad he did. I received some calls/emails from the last round when I
had sought participation in The Studio event for SIGGRAPH 99. Let this be
another call. The Studio will have, starting this year, RP equipment for
peaple to realize their own creations as oppoised to an exhibition booth
where u see demo piece after demo piece being built. We are seeking donation
(temporary) of equipment - compurers, 3D software, RP desktop modelers ...
Please contact me via email razdan@asu.edu or phone 602 965 5368.

Thanks ....

Anshuman Razdan
Chair, The Studio

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> Anshuman,
> Nice to talk today.
> I'll get you my notes by January 15th. this would include general notes
> about how to best work the 3d rp corner, ideas for a fun evening
> talk/pizza, a tutorial and or presentation about rp how it works, how to
> do it etc.,. Did I get it all?
> When you talked, you mentioned nothing about apple. I met a someone
> recently, a vp at apple, who i might be able to contact about this. Any
> interest?
> I need the registration form that makes me a subcommittee member(sorry)
> Best,
> --
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