point cloud of a sculpture

From: CHRISTINE SCHOENE (SCHOENE@mciron.mw.tu-dresden.de)
Date: Wed Jan 06 1999 - 17:24:28 EET

>why do you all want to scan scuptures. This is positively archaic. For
>200 us $ you can buy Poser. put two people into it dancing. Pose them,
>add props, Save the file as an OBJ. Bring it int a cad package that
>saves STl. and Voila, your sculptures.
>Encourage the sculptors you know to start using coputers and cad.

Dear Michael,

You say, it is an archaic method to scan a sculpture. But if I have a
physical model, so I get a computer representation by digitizing in
nearly 1 - 4 hours. This computer model we can use for 5-axis milling
and for rapid prototyping.
You explain to use POSER. But how much time I will need. If this way
is so easy, why nobody can give me a STL and point cloud of an ice
dancing couple ? Is this model a 3D-Model ?
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