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From: Dr Duncan B. Gilmore (
Date: Thu Jan 07 1999 - 05:00:59 EET

Hi Michael and others;

I have been very interested in this discussion. I had a good look at
the Poser site on the web and some of the sites of computer artists who
have used it to create some fantastic images. From what I saw I was
very impressed. I didn't see any sites where artists were using the
scenes created to build physical models, all the sites I saw used poser
to create pictures or animations

I would love to use software like that to help me make physical 3D
sculptures with the aid of RP.

Any way to my question:

Michael in your post, you said,

"Fifth, FORM Z will import a non nurbs model and turn it into a patch
object which contains the nurbs information. This can be used for
machining and for STL. (Not available until v.3.0 which should be out in
the next 2 months)."

Does this mean I can take a faceted 3D file, from Poser or some other
source, and turn it into a NURBS surface model? If so, is the NURBS
surface model a smoothed out version of the faceted model or is it
simply all the facets turned into individual NURBS planes?

This capability is of use to me because unlike most of the RP systems
that use the faceted STL files for geometry input, TruSurf (which I
developed for my PhD and would like to use to make large sculptures)
uses NURBS surfaces for its geometry input. The NURBS surfaces are used
to allow 5 axis cutting of each layer side surface in the RP model.

Could you and anyone else share any more information on ways of
converting faceted 3D models to smooth NURBS surfaces.


Ray Hope
Gilmore Engineers

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