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> Hi Michael and others;
> I have been very interested in this discussion. I had a good look at
> the Poser site on the web and some of the sites of computer artists who
> have used it to create some fantastic images. From what I saw I was
> very impressed. I didn't see any sites where artists were using the
> scenes created to build physical models, all the sites I saw used poser
> to create pictures or animations
> I would love to use software like that to help me make physical 3D
> sculptures with the aid of RP.
> Any way to my question:
> Michael in your post, you said,
> "Fifth, FORM Z will import a non nurbs model and turn it into a patch
> object which contains the nurbs information. This can be used for
> machining and for STL. (Not available until v.3.0 which should be out in
> the next 2 months)."
> Does this mean I can take a faceted 3D file, from Poser or some other
> source, and turn it into a NURBS surface model? If so, is the NURBS
> surface model a smoothed out version of the faceted model or is it
> simply all the facets turned into individual NURBS planes?
> This capability is of use to me because unlike most of the RP systems
> that use the faceted STL files for geometry input, TruSurf (which I
> developed for my PhD and would like to use to make large sculptures)
> uses NURBS surfaces for its geometry input. The NURBS surfaces are used
> to allow 5 axis cutting of each layer side surface in the RP model.
> Could you and anyone else share any more information on ways of
> converting faceted 3D models to smooth NURBS surfaces.
> Thanks
> Ray Hope
> Gilmore Engineers
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