New Years Greetings

From: Mnr. D de Beer (DDEBEER@ENG.TOFS.AC.ZA)
Date: Fri Jan 08 1999 - 13:49:00 EET

Hi Steve

I trust that you and your family, as well as your colleagues at IMC
had a wonderfull Christmas, and you will have a very happy new year.

My life changed a bit since I visited IMC in October (when you were

I had to do a fast visit in France again, which together with the
first visit, took me 5 weeks away from home and office.

In the mean time, my office was moved 2 times, which caused total
disaster (I may need to move again in the near future)

However, TCT and Nottingham meant a lot to me, as it resulted in the
purchase of a refurbished DTM Sinterstation 2000 for my university.

Without doebt, we are now the best equipped centre in SA. I want you
please apologise to your colleauges, since they sent me a quote for a
LOM part, which was never ordered, due to my being away and office

Can I please request a new quote for the spirit-level, which I will
execute immediately.

Kind regards


 Deon de Beer
 Department of Mechanical Engineering
 Technikon Free State
 PBag X20539
 South Africa
 fax 27 51 507 3199

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