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Stuff as much RAM and Graphics/Video memory as possible into your computer
for one. Without enough graphics memory, visualization can be a problem in
shaded mode, even though the soilds are there. You will have to be as
efficient as possible in solids creation (e.g. use cuboids instead of prisms
where possible to create soilds because prisms have to maintain the creation
geometry which increases the size of the index file). You will have to
watch the size of the index file (under the Erase, Pack function) because
when it reaches 100%, the model is full. Periodic use of the Catia "/M CLN"
macro will also help to eliminate temporary elements and pack the model.
You may not be able to have all of the model in one file. You may have to
have different sections in different models and then use an overlay or a
series of overlay models (which you can save as a "session model") to view
it as one solid.
If visualization is more important than model accuracy you may be able to
use mock-up solids (SOLM elements), which can be converted to exact soilds
(SOLE elements) later but then you may run into file memory problems when
attempting the conversions. From what I've heard there is a new Catia
"lite" soild which is used for visualization purposes only, I believe
Chrysler has extensively used it for protoypes, mock-ups, factory
simulations, etc. (available in version 4.2?).

Good Luck, I've had to do quite a few large solids in Catia and it can be
quite painful!

Glenn Whiteside

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Does anyone have any tips on modeling large complex Catia Solids?

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