5220 resin

From: Chris Sutcliffe (c.j.sutcliffe@liverpool.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Jan 11 1999 - 19:44:26 EET

Dear list

The University of Liverpool is still having trouble with 5220 on our 250. 3D systems have so far drawn a blank as to how we fix it. The problem does not seem to be specific to the machine (but this has not been ruled out at the moment). Critical Alert status has now been assigned to the machine (whatever that means) and 3D are working hard to fix it. As an interim measure we are now going back to 5170 which is a touch annoying.

My advice at the moment for people switching to 5220 is to hang fire or get some demo parts done on your machine before signing up. Be particularly vigilant on downward facing surfaces in the near flat condition you should see evidence of "quilting" on these surfaces.

Hope this mail doesn't annoy 3D to much but I thought people should know.

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