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Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 18:23:08 EET

Stuart, I am sorry that you find this offensive. I am sure that all the
former Plynetics customers would find great relief that the industry is not
collapsing around their ears and there is some way out to their own personal

If you read the message carefully, it by no means belittles of insults the
former company and personal friend that fell victim to certain financial
situations. In fact, most of the text is quoting the industry spokesman,
Terry Wholers, who we have nominated by intelligent selection process.

We in the industry feel that this loss will be sorely missed.

"Good Luck Frost"


>Subject: Plynetics Express' Web site
>If this is an example of ATI's standard business practices, I feel sorry
>those customers that deal with them. I also feel sorry for those employees
>within ATI that have a better sense of business professionalism.

>Stuart Garner
>Former Plynetics Express Employee

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