FW: Be a part of an exclusive plastic parts program that will assist you in taking your products to market faster!!!

From: Marina Shara (sharmar@sme.org)
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 20:44:35 EET


>I would like to introduce two comprehensive programs, created to provided
>assistance for designers of injection molded plastic parts.
>Materials, Selection and Specification for Injection Molded Parts
>January 25, 1999
>Somerset Inn * Troy, Michigan
>Plastic Part Design and Accelerated Development
>January 26-27, 1999
>Somerset Inn * Troy, Michigan
>The number of plastic products hitting the market has grown and continues to
>grow at a rapid pace. Furthermore, traditional mechanical designers are
>often unfamiliar with both the behavior and processing of plastic parts.
>Program Instructor and Vice President of Plastics Engineering at LightSpeed
>Technologies, Inc., Marina Angela Arizpe, will cover the concepts of
>materials selection, design for manufacturability, as well as prototyping and
>assembly operations for plastic parts.
>You don't want to miss this comprehensive plastic design program if you are a
>. . .
>* Plastic Engineer
>* Design Engineer
>* Project Manager
>* Purchasing Agent and/or Material Supplier
>Be a part of this exciting event and come prepared with questions regarding
>your own design concerns!!!
>If you would like more information or would like to register, call
>Marina Shara
>Society of Manufacturing Engineers
>Technical Program Administrator
>(313) 271-1500 Ext. 2124
>(313) 240-8254 Fax
>sharmar@sme.org - E-Mail

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