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Date: Thu Jan 14 1999 - 17:36:41 EET

RPC Announces First Stereolithography Resin for Solid State Laser

RPC has commercialized its first stereolithography resin for systems equipped with a solid state laser (SLA 350, 3500, 5000, Stereos Max 600). RPCure 100 ND is a general purpose epoxy resin with high throughput and good green strength. Parts from this resin are easily cleaned, have low water-sensitivity, very smooth side wall and downfacing surface quality and high resolution. The good mechanical properties and the glass transition temperature of 80C make the resin suitable for different applications, e.g. concept models, functional prototypes, Quick Cast patterns for investment casting.

RPCure 100 ND is the third resin of the RPCure 100 resin family. The corresponding resins for the He/Cd- and the Ar/UV-laser with comparable mechanical properties have already been released in 1998 (RPCure 100 HC and RPCure 100 AR).

Two other solid state resins with different mechanical properties are in preparation and should be available within the next weeks.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Bettina Steinmann
RPC Ltd.
Rapid Prototyping Chemicals
PO Box 259
CH-1723 Marly 1, Switzerland

Tel. +41-26-435 69 17
Fax +41-26 435 61 43

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