Re: CNC High Speed Machining as Alternative of Rapid Tooling

Date: Thu Jan 14 1999 - 20:00:48 EET

I am in agreement with Mr. Chang-Shik,Min.

His statements pretty much coincide with what we have been saying (and
delivering on) for a while....

People do not always seem to be aware of opportunities and solutions that are
already available. Often it's the "just another suppplier" scenario and hey,
I get the calls too so I know how it is but for those that take advantage...
What is the value of capturing market share with a production quality product
weeks earlier? How about even one day?

This may be a bit graphic but I am often reminded of a cartoon comic I once
saw depicting General George Armstrong Custer (from American history, an
American military officer whose command was mostly wiped out in the Battle of
Little Big Horn - more info on this here->
) readying to leave his encampment on the way to battle. A saleman was
attempting to get the General's attention to present a great product but was
rebuffed. The next frame shows the salesman returning with his lot of unsold
machine guns.

Pardon me for tooting my own horn but we turn tools around in about half the
<realistic> time utilizing high speed CNC machining.

This is half of real lead times as well, not some of the bloated ones so often
seen in the magazine articles.

For example - > I have a 4 cavity production mold (20" x 20") in build right
now with a 4 week delivery from receipt of data. Complete standard frame,
hardened tool steel cavity and core inserts. Tool life? millions. Part
quality? The highest.

Not to knock the RP technologies, though, we all have our place.


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 Date: 12/22/98 3:51:27 AM Eastern Standard Time
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    Dear ALL :
  I think there might be some alternatives for all the rapid tooling
  methods that have already reached their critical point.
  When it comes to accuracy(the 1st priority of production mold),
  all the rapid tooling methods developed so far could't go over
  the conventional CNC tooling.
  For turnaround time too, high speed machining technologies have
  much more possibilty than rapid tooling methods.
  For Invetment Cost, high speed machining technologies can give
  us much more possibilty than rapid tooling methods.
  So I think there is no alternative of rapid tooling tech. except CNC
  HIGH SPEED MACHINING for the time being.
  Is there anyone who has some opinions on this ?
  Any opinion you can give me would be greatly appreciated...
   Best Regards.
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 19-1,Cheongho-Ri,Jinwuy-Myon,Pyungtaek(451-713), R.O.Korea
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