Very clever - Plynetics website - guerilla marketing

From: Mark Littlewood (
Date: Thu Jan 14 1999 - 23:43:04 EET

I believe Plynetics Express' was

The website that is under discussion here is is

You can still go to the Plynetics website and it is still active. Their
home page still has their slogan 'We prototype like there is no

It would be strange for someone to take over a site from a competitor and
pass it off as their own although I have had three inquiries to our office
from people wishing to find a way of doing this and asking for our help to
do so (Your secrets are safe with us - do not worry!).

What ATI have appeared to do here is one of the oldest tricks in the
marketing book and when it works it can work very well. It annoys your
competition and amuses most other people. One of the best known examples of
this type of thing was when AT&T and Bell (I think) were launching a
directory inquiry service. AT&T launched their 800 number with press radio
and TV ads. In the normal way, the number was promoted as 1-800-OPERATOR.
Bell, armed with the knowledge that not everyone is that great at spelling,
set up their own 800 number service and used the number 1-800 OPERATER.
Result lots of free calls at no promotional cost, annoyed competitor and a
story which is still remembered.

I believe that the idea was good one - without this discussion on the rp-ml
how many people honestly wished they hadn't thought of it for their
business? - but it is a shame that it was not well received.

I wish everyone who was formerly at Plynetics every success, it sounds like
many are already beavering away in other organisations. I hope that 1999
brings them and everybody on this list a great year and that we can work
towards making our technologies and our businesses a success in the new

Best wishes.

Mark Littlewood
Time-Compression Technologies

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