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Date: Fri Jan 15 1999 - 12:31:44 EET

We met up in 3D S Users conf. in 1997 and I think person with your talent
and experience in the RP technology and materials should have no problem
finding a suitable role. For example Dave (ex Plynetic Express) is technical
director of 3D S as you know.
I am sure companies involved in RPT will be looking to take someone like
In the meantime keep cool and good luck!!


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> Gabe,
> I was a former Plynetics Express employee and was involved in beta
> testing Somos8120 on an SLA350. Here are my observations.
> 1. Parts built in 8120 are milky white in color and look stunningly
> beautiful (as you can see I am clearly biased here.) In general our
> customers were very satisfied with the sheer aesthetics of these parts.
> 2. With an Ec of 5.2mJ/cm^2, Dp of 5.3mils, as far as my resin knowledge
> goes, 8120 has the highest photospeed compared to any other DuPont/Ciba
> epoxy resins currently available.
> 3. Downfacing surfaces are smooth, so are vertical walls. Support
> removal is a breeze.
> 4. At least two gentlemen (both considered SLA experts) felt 8120 is
> superior to its Ciba counterpart SL-5520(??). I cannot comment on this
> as I haven't used the Ciba resin.
> Now, the other side of the story:
> 1. Thin, long walled geomteries tend to deform heavily. (BTW, Don't ask
> me to define my highly technical phrase "thin, long walled geomteries."
> -:) Seriously, I don't have data to give any numbers here. Take it for
> what it's worth.
> 2. It's tremendous photospeed cannot be exploited fully to our advantage
> since 3D machines cannot keep up. For instance, recommended maximum
> draw speed for high accuracy on an SLA350 is only 100in/sec. Assuming
> 150mW power at vat and ACES build style, hatch velocities shoot upto
> 250in/sec or even more depending on beam dia. (We can overcome this
> problem to some extent by using wideweave styles with high hatch
> overcures.)
> 3. Flexibility is gradually lost over a few months. Exposure to direct
> sunlight accelerates the rate at which parts loose flexibility.
> Kamesh
> PS: Don't flame me too much especially since I just lost my job. If you
> cannot resist it, back it up with a little sympathy. -:)
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