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Date: Fri Jan 15 1999 - 20:39:01 EET

Device Allows Paralyzed People To Write Sentences

                 L O N D O N Jan. 13 — A device that reads brain
                 waves through the skull has enabled paralyzed
                 people to write sentences on a computer screen,
                 scientists said today.

                      Several teams around the world are developing
                 systems to allow “locked in” patients to communicate,
                 New Scientist magazine reported.
                      Two patients have managed to write messages on a
                 computer screen via electrodes planted in the brain by
                 researchers at Emory University in Atlanta.
                      Because brain surgery involves the risk of infection or
                 hemorrhage, other groups are trying to develop systems
                 that do not require implants.
                      Now researchers in Germany and the United States
                 have placed small electrodes on top of patients’ heads to
                 record signals from the brain.
                      Once patients learn to control the computer cursor in
                 this way, they can begin to write messages.
                      The cursor is used to select characters and researchers
                 found patients could write a short sentence in about half
                 an hour.
                      “We’ve got patients writing messages who couldn’t
                 communicate at all,” said Edward Taub of the University
                 of Alabama at Birmingham.

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