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From: James Neville (
Date: Fri Jan 15 1999 - 22:15:24 EET


I as well as Kamesh am a former Plynetics Express employee and beta
tested Somos8120 in another SLA350 out in Beaverton,OR. I agree with
Kamesh's observations on 8120. This resin has some wonderful
characteristics namely: fast photospeed, easy support removal and
clean-up (usually you can just scrape the part off with a puddy knife
without removing the tray), sands quickly, and that milky white color.

Although this is the best resin I have used in a SLA350, these are some
limitations I have observed. So take these into account when making your

1.) . Quickcast parts are possible but you will need to increase the
number of borders to make it work. Always use thickskins and avoid using
hexagon buildstyle. Its too weak in the green state for 8120

2.) Large thin parts out of 8120 may not be suitable for silicone rubber
tooling. The weight of the rubber may deform the part. Thicker walled
parts were fine.

3.) If assembling a segment do not use native 8120 to bond together.
User Aptek SL-Lo or Loctite. They are much stronger. Hybrid parts,(hard
epoxy and flexible epoxy) were easily bonded together using Aptek or

James Neville
RP Engineer

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