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Did you write this or copy from somewhere else? It doesn't seem to be up to
your normal level of clarity. In fact, I can hardly understand it.

Who is Cockroft, a person or a company? Is Cockroft the developer of some
new technology or are they just evaluating it? In which case, who's
technology is this?

At 03:36 PM 1/15/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Cockroft will evaluate a low cost high speed, high resolution hybrid
>resin for rapid prototyping (RP). In polymer-based RP systems, the laser
>subsystem is the major bottleneck in throughput and is the principal
>cost driver. Twin innovations will serve to minimize these effects: (1)
>a novel resin system that cures upon exposure to infrared (IR) radiation;
>and (2) replacement of a single-beam UV laser with an inexpensive
>linear array of IR lasers having tens of thousands of emitters. Instead of
> a flying spot driven by a modulator and deflection mirrors, a linear
>array can be shuttled across the work surface, completing one layer per
>sweep. Instead of varying the dwell time to control shrinkage, the output
>intensity of individual emitters will be variably controlled. Potential
>commercial applications include all present and future polymer-based
>rapid prototyping systems. Markets include new equipment sales, retrofits
>to existing systems, and after market sales of resin and replacement
>parts. Instead of employing a $100,000 UV laser with a lifetime less
>than 5,000 hours, one IR array with a lifetime in excess of 100,000 hours
>can be employed at only slightly greater expense. The net result is a
>significant reduction in subsystem complexity and cost of ownership,
>coupled with order of magnitude increases in throughput and reliability.
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