Re: Decline & bankruptcy

From: Yakov Horenstein (
Date: Sat Jan 16 1999 - 02:50:08 EET

At 14:19 -0800 15/1/99, Joe Allison wrote:

>I'm sorry Chris but I just have to ask - how old are you? Does your mother
>know your on the computer?

Gratuitous insult, Joe. No need for that. Why discourage new subscribers?
>At 10:19 -0800 15/1/99, Chris Lloyd wrote:
>>Hello, RP world
>>I think that difficult times for high-tech activities (including RP)
>>will be very soon. Why? Because of financial and industrial crisis which
>>compulsory will lead to collaps on the world market. Plynetics were the
>>fist. Who next?

Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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