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I am also still a "research scholar" constantly researching the latest
and greatest reverse engineering (RE) & rapid prototyping (RP)
technologies. I think I will also always stay a scholar as the
development rate of RP is of such a nature that one can almost not stay
on top of it all.

I have a great passion for RP & RE technology despite each and every
system's limitations.

Reverse engineering systems can be categorized into two groups namely
contact and non contact methods. Each system again has it's own
advantages and limitations.

Here are some of the scanners and manufacturers that of these systems :

Contact Systems:

   * Co-ordinate Measurement Machines types

(mostly fitted with touch probe, can also sometimes be fitted with laser

        o LK
        o Zeiss
        o Dia
        o Rennishaw
        o Rennishaw Cyclone(not a CMM)
        o Mititoyo
        o Others not mentioned
   * Destructive Types
        o Capture Geometry Inside
   * Cantilever arm types
        o Faro arm
        o Kreon arm
   * Machine retrofit types
        o Sharnoa L
        o Rennishaw

Non Contact Systems

   * Computer Axial Tomography (CAT- scanners)
        o Elcint
        o Phillips
        o General Electric
        o Siemens
        o Toshiba
        o SMS
        o Aaroflex
        o Aracor
        o BIR
        o Others not mentioned
   * Laser and Optical Types
        o Digibotics
        o Laser Design
        o Steinbichler (stereo vision cameras)
        o Atos
        o Cyberware
        o Others not mentioned
   * Cantilever arm types
        o Kreon arm (laser)
        o Others not mentioned
   * Machine retrofit types
        o Sharnoa (laser)
        o Rennishaw (laser)
        o Maho (touch probe)
        o Others not mentioned
   * Acoustic Sound types
        o LK

Most of the above mentioned manufacturers have web sites, check it out!
Most of these manufacturers have several models on the market, good luck
and please let me have your results.
I also have a list of more than 25 RP technologies used in the world, if
your interested.

Rudolf Schenker(Reg.Eng.Tech.)


> hallo,
> I am a research scholar working in the field of
> reverse engg., and I want to know how many scanners
> are available in the maeket.
> Asit Kr. Agarwal
> I.I.T. Kanpur
> For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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