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Date: Sun Jan 17 1999 - 17:57:55 EET

you're doom and gloom attitude has been mirrored by the press for many
months (years?) now and it seems you'll have to change some attitudes
before you import it to the US. With new resins and new innovations
coming out every day I am more excited now than ever.
can anyone tell me the last time Helisys came out with something REALLY
new? I can't remember. I'm not saying they haven't, I'm saying I can't
recall and or I haven't heard about it. which points out one of two
(major) problems with Helisys(maybe three if they are blaming asia). its
easy to point to ply. exp. and or Helisys and say "look whats happening
here" but it is a far cry from the rest of the rp world and I believe
you could point out a few "look whats happening here"s in any industry,
thats how capitalism works the strong survive.

>Dear ladies and sirs,
>I'm hope that many will agree with me, that in Asia
> and Latin America the asssets of many of the machine-building
>are concentrated . The big part of American business is located in
>America. It is very probably that the process will not be limited by
>devaluation of Brazilian currency.There are no doubt that the economic
>decline in the above mentioned countries will cause to negative
>consequences in all developed countries because of high integration of
>world economy. During crisis especially high-tech directions are
>vulnerable . Therefore I consider that at least growth of the RP
>market will be slowed.
>Does somebody acquainted with the Helisys annual financial report?
>it at the
> Just a little quotation for Yakov: "The Asian financial crisis and
>strength of the dollar adversely affected sales and systems pricing
>which contributed to the reduction in revenues"
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