Re: world crisis

Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 05:33:43 EET

Seriously, Chris Loyd. You were great in Back To The Future, but I really
doubt that that time machine you've been....never mind....I really doubt you
can safely make this gloomy prediction in a world where the only constant is
change. Will you predict the future global economy being based LARGELY ON THE
FLOW OF INFORMATION, not the manufacture of machine tools and products? I bet
you didn't 20 years ago. I'd bet that many of you thought the Japanese auto
industry was about to destroy the sleeping American's 20 years ago. I don't
even want to try to predict the future of the U.S. or the world
economies....but rather than run for the hills with a shotgun and a case of
canned beans, I'm gonna place my money, my life's toils, and the safety and
welfare of my family and future in the one safe bet in this crazy world....THE

Tongue only partially in cheek.

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