Re: world crisis

From: Phil Harnett (
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 06:32:30 EET

As we in the rest of the world say from time to time ... Only in America.

>Seriously, Chris Loyd. You were great in Back To The Future, but I really
>doubt that that time machine you've been....never mind....I really doubt
>can safely make this gloomy prediction in a world where the only constant
>change. Will you predict the future global economy being based LARGELY ON
>FLOW OF INFORMATION, not the manufacture of machine tools and products? I
>you didn't 20 years ago. I'd bet that many of you thought the Japanese
>industry was about to destroy the sleeping American's 20 years ago. I
>even want to try to predict the future of the U.S. or the world
>economies....but rather than run for the hills with a shotgun and a case of
>canned beans, I'm gonna place my money, my life's toils, and the safety and
>welfare of my family and future in the one safe bet in this crazy
>Tongue only partially in cheek.
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