Re: Build size for Duraform and GF duraform

From: tjgorn01 (
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 14:32:39 EET

Yannick, you are a little more aggressive on the LNF5000 than we are. We
usually go to about 25mm less than that for a max build size. For the
Duraform we go to a max size of about 275 mm, especially in the top of a
large build.


Yannick seeleuthner wrote:

> I'm using a sinterstation 2000 with LNF5000 and LNC 7000.The build
> size is 250 mm cylinder.What is the build size with Duraform and GF
> duraform powder ? Thanks in advance . Yannick SeeleuthnerATELIERS

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