Re: World Economy vs US RP Market & world crisis

From: Ron Clemons (
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 17:36:46 EET

On the other hand, this might just do in another larger and less
efficient service bureau or two! Slow-moving bureaucracies can have
a hard time adapting to industry changes--especially in quick fashion-
-resulting in layoffs, cutbacks and/or filing chapter something-or-
other bankrupcy.

Where have the Psychic Hotline folks weighed in on the issue of the
global and U.S. economies and the RP industry?

Ron Clemons

From: Joe Allison <>
Subject: World Economy vs US RP Market

> This will drive some of the smaller and less efficient service providers out
> of the business, but you will see growth in the overall industry. Unless,
> of course, the entire world economy collapses.

Ron Clemons
Dir. of Marketing
Harvest Technologies

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