Advanced Product Development Technologies in Action at the Rosemont Convention Center!!!

From: Marina Shara (
Date: Tue Jan 19 1999 - 00:18:33 EET

Because you're expected to reduce time to market and increase
profitability, you can't afford to miss:

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing '99 Conference and Exposition.
April 20-22, 1999
Rosemont Convention Center
Rosemont (Chicago), IL

Come and be a part of one of the industry's most recognized events and
benefit from...

* Over 60 case studies on the latest product development applications
* Industry experts from the automotive, medical, consumer, electronics
and aerospace industries to discuss advancements in manufacturing
process areas such as molding, casting and machining
* Over 125 exhibitors displaying the latest products and services
available in the industry.
* Product Discussion Sessions. Hear about new product/process
applications from the vendors without the hype (New)
* Facility tours; see advanced product development techniques in action
* Networking Reception; meet conference speakers, you fellow attendees
and exhibitors
* Co-located events
* And much more...

If you would like more information send an e-mail to
Respond now via e-mail and save 50% off of the Exposition ShowTicket!!!

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