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    Non Contact Systems

        a.. Computer Axial Tomography (CAT- scanners)
            a.. Elcint
            b.. Phillips
            c.. General Electric
            d.. Siemens
            e.. Toshiba
            f.. SMS
            g.. Aaroflex
            h.. Aracor
            i.. BIR
            j.. Others not mentioned
        b.. Laser and Optical Types
            a.. Digibotics
            b.. Laser Design
            c.. Steinbichler (stereo vision cameras)
            d.. Atos
            e.. Cyberware
            f.. Others not mentioned
            [Joel Bisson]
            g.. Don't forget laser scanners from Vitana Corporation.
        c.. Also, in response to Mr. Bernard's comments on laser scanners
for mold inspection, I recently gave a presentation on that very subject at
the SME rev. eng. seminar in Newport Beach, CA. The simple answer is that
yes, you can use laser scanners for inspection but under certain
circumstances. If anybody would like to have a copy of the powerpoint
presentation, I'd be more than happy to send it to you.

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