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From: Sadegh Rahmati (
Date: Tue Jan 19 1999 - 18:07:50 EET

> I'm looking for injection molding parameters of various materials using
> AIM mold cavities (SLA - SL5510 material used as mold inserts). We are
> also interested in mold release agents in use.
> Any assistance you can provide is much appreciated.


The success of AIM tooling is primarily dependent on the core
geometry and melt temperature. But use the following tips as you

* Warm the tool to about 35-40 Deg. C., using hot air.

* You can use silicone release agent.

* Investigate the minimum melt temperature before making the first

* As a precaution, set all the injection parameters to minimum

* Start the first shot and gradually increase injection parameters to
the optimum values.

* Then carry on until tool destruction.

By the way, NEVER trust the information provided by plastic
manufacturers, because the melt temperature provided by them is for
metal moulds and is 30-40 Deg. C. higher than what is needed in AIM

If you need more information I am always available.

Good luck

Sadegh Rahmati

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