3D Systems Unveils ``3D Lightyear''

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3D Systems Unveils ``3D Lightyear''
Windows NT Software That Expands Functionality of Its SLA Line
(Business Wire; 01/19/99)

VALENCIA, CALIF. (Jan. 19) BUSINESS WIRE -Jan. 19, 1999--

New Software Combines Ease of Use and Optimum Performance With Low Cost of

3D Systems Corp. (Nasdaq/NM:TDSC), market leader of solid imaging systems
for concept modeling, prototyping and production tooling, Tuesday announced
3D Lightyear, a new Windows NT-based software package that significantly
expands the capability of its SLA product family while saving customers
significant time and money.

"3D Systems' success is in delivering innovative, cutting-edge solutions
that meet the product development needs of our worldwide customer base,"
said Charles Wilson, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. "Our
customers face intense time-to-market, quality and cost-control issues. Our
unique ability to provide an integrated solution of hardware, software and
materials gives our customers a distinct competitive advantage when
designing and bringing new products to market."

3D Lightyear represents 3D Systems' first release of part preparation
software for Windows NT systems. It combines the functionality of Maestro,
its UNIX- based predecessor, with the increased productivity and cost
efficiencies offered by the industry-standard Windows NT platform.

The user-friendly application package is easy to install, learn, navigate
and integrate into existing networks. Every required function is available
via a single screen, where the user can interact with the model itself. 3D
Lightyear software is highly intuitive; offers NT "look and feel," on-line
interactive help, and tutorial capabilities; and streamlines the transition
process for users of Maestro software.

3D Lightyear software site licenses will be offered free of charge to all
SLA users with existing software maintenance agreements, and all new SLA
purchases will come bundled with the software at no additional charge. A
single software license allows for an unlimited number of users, providing
another significant value to customers.

Core 3D Lightyear capabilities include: part layout; data verification;
repair; part support generation; file slicing into layers required for
building; and conversion of files to formats compatible with SLA devices.
3D Lightyear's smaller build file structures also minimize processor and
storage requirements, thus reducing file sizes by an average of 50 percent.

The software is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of this year, and is
Y2K compliant.

About 3D Systems

3D Systems provides solid imaging products and services that allow users to
move quickly from three-dimensional designs to finished parts, at a
significantly lower cost and higher quality than more traditional methods.
The company's systems -- through patented stereolithography and 3D printing
technologies -- fabricate solid objects from digital input, substantially
cutting the time and costs of bringing new products to market. 3D Systems
was founded in 1986, and is recognized as the world leader in solid

To obtain additional information about 3D Lightyear and other 3D Systems
products and services, call 888/337-9786 (toll-free), or visit the company
Web site at www.3dsystems.com. For investor information, call 3D Systems'
shareholder communications service at 800/757-1799.

3D Systems, 3D Lightyear and SLA are trademarks of 3D Systems, Inc. Windows
NT is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

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