Re: Urethanes for SLA Systems

From: Tom Richards (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 19:01:33 EET


We haven't been happy with the loss of dimensional accuracy and resolution
from such transfer molding methods for our manufacturing of patterns for
precision investment casting which is itself a transfer molding process.
Better results derive from either directly building the patterns in a
suitable mateial of construction or indirectly building patterns for molds
and casting them and injection molding patterns in them which are of like
quality to the directly built ones. However, rubber molding from masters is
fine for arts products which don't require much in the way of process

Are there photo-reactive urethanes available? Polystyrenes?

Tom Richards, Metallurgist

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>I find it kind of interesting that many RP shops use an SLA machine to
>make an epoxy master, to be followed by an RTV molding process so that
>they can make a urethane part for the end use of the customer.
>How about bypassing some of these steps by making the urethane model in
>the SLA System in the first place?
>Al Hastbacka
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