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Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 19:12:54 EET

Spread sheet predictions based on part 'z' height and volume are reasonably
good for the majority of builds but tend to falter in cases where there are
a large number of thin walled surfaces. For greater accuracy try including
the non horizontal surface area and then things become very much more
accurate. The modification compensates for the higher proportion of border
to fill scan time (with the provision of your relevant machine parameters)
which if left unaccounted for can cause significant estimate errors (30% in
extreme cases).

Ben Halford
PERA Technology

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> Hi RP World,
> I work at a Navy Lab and we have been running a SLA 190 for about the last
> two years, but have just purchased a SLA 3500 (big jump) and are in the
> process of getting a space ready to receive it. Here at the base I work in
> a
> Cost Service Center which charges the Engineers by the hour for their SL
> parts. It is not our mission to make a profit on these parts but to cover
> our maintenance and equipment cost. We are here to provide in house
> services
> for the Stations Engineers. My question is to Service Bureaus and other in
> house SLA facilities how do they charge. I have heard that most Service
> Bureaus have a spread sheet program in which they plug in zmax, part
> volume
> and other value and it gives them a price. Some of the Engineers need cost
> estimates on their part so I have to look at the part, z waits and guess
> at
> draw time and try to come up with a number that makes everyone happy. Any
> help I could get would be greatly appreciated. Is anyone willing to share
> a
> version of an EXCEL spread sheet that I could modify perhaps. You can
> also
> e-mail directly or phone me.
> Thanks in advance
> Joe Jordan
> Coastal System Station USN
> Panama City, Fla. 32407-7001
> 850-235-5984
> e-mail
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