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Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 15:35:59 EET

I have the Kodak DC210 and use it daily. Don't understand the proprietary
software bit as the pictures are stored as JPEGs on the camera. You have a
choice on using JPEG or Kodaks PIX format. As far as download adaptor, that is
if you want to use a serial link. I would not recommend the serial link for any
camera as it eats the batteries. Most cameras use a compact flash card. You can
get a PCMCIA adapter for the cards which make them easy to use or you can get
something like the Sandisk Imagemate which connects to a parallel port to read
the CF cards. It stays connected to the computer and you just pop in the CF card
and it is available via Explorerer like a hard drive. I bought a 20MB card which
holds about 75 images of the highest resolution on the DC210.

Depending on your image needs, I would recommend looking at the following
Resolution (1024x768 min), Zoom, wide angle, Image preview or viewing on the
camera after a picture is taken, a closeup mode for taking pictures at less than
2', builtin flash that can be turned off.

Good luck, there are quite a few good cameras out there today.

Monica & Glenn Whiteside wrote:

> Dear rp-ml:
> I'm embarking on a new business enterprise and need to buy a digital camera,
> preferably in the $300-$500 U.S. Dollar range. I like the Sony Mavica
> (Models FD-51 and/or FD-71) because the floppy drive is easy to use; it
> saves a JPEG-format file on the diskette and you're ready to go. Other
> camera brands like Kodak's require special download adaptors and use
> proprietary software which I would like to stay away from as much as
> possible. I would also like to maintain a fairly good resolution such as
> 1024x768 pixels.
> Any recommendations on which models to look at and where to buy from users
> out there?
> Thanks in advance,
> Glenn Whiteside
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