Re: Digital Camera Recommendations?

From: Mark Bannister (
Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 17:27:33 EET

We have had good luck using camcorders and video capture add ons. I don't know
if they have a model at that resolution, and they are a little more work to use
but the advantage of not having to be a photographer is appealing.
We take video of job setups, etc, and then pick frame by frame the image we want
to use. We use a low end version, around $100- $200, and it came with fairly
good software for editing. The lower end models cannot capture as quickly so it
is harder to grab the exact frame you want. MicroWarehouse has one called the
Dazzel for $199.

Monica & Glenn Whiteside wrote:

> Dear rp-ml:
> I'm embarking on a new business enterprise and need to buy a digital camera,
> preferably in the $300-$500 U.S. Dollar range. I like the Sony Mavica
> (Models FD-51 and/or FD-71) because the floppy drive is easy to use; it
> saves a JPEG-format file on the diskette and you're ready to go. Other
> camera brands like Kodak's require special download adaptors and use
> proprietary software which I would like to stay away from as much as
> possible. I would also like to maintain a fairly good resolution such as
> 1024x768 pixels.
> Any recommendations on which models to look at and where to buy from users
> out there?
> Thanks in advance,
> Glenn Whiteside
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