Digital Cameras

From: Tom Richards (
Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 22:24:27 EET

To Glenn Whiteside & List:

A year age I attended a digital camera show in Boston, tried them all in
photographing a coin, a tiny intricate prototype casting, and a jewel, and
decided upon a Minolta as the best for the buck. The lens is detachable so
you can put it on a small tripod to take excellent macros of small things.
It takes fine snapshots too. It came with excellent software including Adobe
Photo Deluxe. Price was about $350. I spent another $35 for lithium
batteries and charger which are necessary as otherwise you'll wear our your
fingers changing cells every few pictures. The lithiums never seem to stop,
and hold their charge seemingly forever!

Best Regards, Tom Richards, Metallurgist

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