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Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 21:37:12 EET

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>Does anyone else find it scary that these high school students are doing
projects and have
>such a good grasp of this technology? Not really scary but sort of future

    I find it absolutely enlivening to see high school students getting into
fabbers (ie "RP"). It's going to be the 1980s all over again, when high
school kids and younger lit up the world with creative, imaginative computer
software development that left a lot of grown ups in the dust. The
difference is that when a kid got access to computers in the 1980s, the
result was new computer software, so that the output fed back into the
input, i.e. improved development of computers. In our case, when kids get
access to fabbers, the results are not necessarily improvements in fabbers
(although they can be), but improvements in all kinds of manufacturing
areas. Fabbers create an astounding new kind of opportunity for people with
revolutionary ideas.

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