Carbon Fibers and Stereolithography resin

From: Monica & Glenn Whiteside (
Date: Sat Jan 23 1999 - 00:24:21 EET


This would be neat to try out, especially using the new Cibatool SL 5530HT
high-temp resin mixed with carbon fibers or other fibers such as Kevlar or
Allied-Signal's Spectra (or a mix of different fibers). Now if 3D Systems
would only donate a full vat for us to try it out......

I did hear of some experiments along this line being done in Germany a
couple of years ago - anybody else on the rp-ml know of anything?


Glenn Whiteside

>I am currently working on designing an effort that will involve the
blending of carbon fibers and stereolithography resin. The object is to
produce a part that has greater mechanical and thermal properties. Does
anyone have any experience with this?
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>Pratt & Whitney
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