Used Omnichrome laser...

From: Steve Hengsperger (
Date: Sat Jan 23 1999 - 17:55:39 EET

Good Morning.

I have (2) used Omnichrome lasers available for sale. One of which has
a broken tube. I also have a good power supply available for sale.

We were fortunate to deal with Dennis Fogle from National RP Support on
becoming the beta site on a new laser. It is manufactured by a company
called Kimmon and we are very satisfied with the results so far.

It is a 50 mW laser but we left ours at the 45 mW that it came in at and
after 500 hours it is still performing in the 40 mW range. This laser
is also guaranteed to stay above 31 mW for the first 2500 hours....non
pro-rated either.

I'm not trying to sell these, but I did tell Dennis that I would put a
blurb about these lasers out here. What I am trying to sell though, if
possible, are my old Omnichrome lasers.

Steve Hengsperger
Advantage Engineering
5060 Ure Street
Windsor, Ontario
N0R 1L0

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