resin-based direct tooling

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hi list,

this is my response to Min-Chang Sik for his question on resin-based direct
apparently, there are a lot of special chars that will appear when you want
to forward or reply....i might as well write a new email.

i make moulds without human intervention is always ideal...but
can i said we are still quite a distance from it.

in terms of software, Materialise Magics RP4.51 with Tooling option is a
good software that can produced moulds (without slide cores) but still
human intervention are still required at some areas. please browse

i think what you heard of could be either Keltools or to use tooling
software to make moulds and rp out the moulds. later these moulds will be
used for investment casting.

i don't think either of these techniques are "human free"...if it is
....than what is the point of having this discussion forums and the
rp-engineering professionals here.

joseph sim

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