Coatings for on paper models to make plaster molds

Date: Mon Jan 25 1999 - 17:55:13 EET

Dear rp-friends

For one of our Ceramic-products-making customers we are going to make
plaster molds from KIRA-PLT and Helisys-LOM models. As you probably know is
the making of plaster molds a humid/wet and not so cold business. Therefor
we need to coat our paper models with a coating which makes the models
water/humid/wet-resistant and is capable of resisting 65 degrees Celsius
which is the temperature which occure when using a plaster.

Does anybody of you out there have a good suggestion for us?

We would be most gratefull

Thanks in advance

All the best from a rainy Holland

Jan Willem

Ir. Jan Willem Gunnink
TNO Industrie
Division of Production development
Department of Industrial Prototyping
P.O. Box 5073
2600 GB Delft
Tel: +31-15-2608747
Fax: +31-15-2608725

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