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Date: Mon Jan 25 1999 - 20:51:45 EET

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>Paul Burr wrote:(snip)
>> my employer, Giovanni Jewelry (100 Nashua St, Providence, RI )
>> is looking to expand our capabilities with 3D scanning. This is
>> a new area for us, and we'll need all the advice I can gather.
>Almost certainly, you will need to use software to process the scan-data
>into a format suitable for JewelCad. If you want polynomial
>(spline/nurb) surfaces
>then you might consider:
>- surfacer (from Imageware). it offers a broad toolkit, and has good
>tools to go from a scan cloud, to nurb surface model. Prices depend on
>what you get.

>Bert van den Berg E-mail:
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Bert: thanks for the thoughtful reply and I'll cruise over and check your

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