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StereoGraphics Becomes a SolidWorks Solution Partner;
Stereo3D Technology Recognized by SolidWorks as Vital Visualization Tool
(Business Wire; 01/25/99)

SAN RAFAEL, CALIF. (Jan. 25) BUSINESS WIRE -Jan. 25, 1999-- StereoGraphics,
the world's leading supplier of Stereo3D visualization products, announced
today that it has become a SolidWorks Solution Partner. SolidWorks(R)
software users can now enhance their 3D mechanical computer aided design
(MCAD) capabilities with Stereo3D visualization products from

"StereoGraphics offers a free SolidWorks software plug-in which, when used
in conjunction with our Stereo3D visualization products, enables users to
view their complex models more realistically," said Bob Derezinski, vice
president, sales and marketing, StereoGraphics Corporation. "Stereo3D
visualization of complex models enables reduced errors, enhanced design
review and accelerated time-to-market."

"We are pleased to add StereoGraphics' line of Stereo3D visualization
products to our SolidWorks Solution Partner program," said Bob McGill,
Solution Partner Program manager, SolidWorks. "Companies must meet a
rigorous set of standards to qualify as a SolidWorks Solution Partner. The
ability to view designs in Stereo3D gives our users a substantial
productivity advantage in design visualization."

StereoGraphics products deliver high-definition, stereoscopic 3D images in
conjunction with compatible software and standard workstation displays.
StereoGraphics has recently announced CrystalEyes Wired, a set of low-cost
Stereo3D visualization eyewear, ideal for SolidWorks users. Designed
specifically for the Windows NT market, CrystalEyes Wired is available for
a suggested retail price of $299 (US).

All of StereoGraphics products, including CrystalEyes Wired, CrystalEyes
and the Monitor ZScreen, utilize Stereo3D technology. Stereo3D is the use
of computer technology to recreate the way we naturally see depth --
stereoscopically. Stereoscopic viewing describes how we use both eyes --
each with a slightly different perspective -- to perceive depth and
perspective in a physical environment. Stereo3D delivers the most realistic
visual representation possible of complex digital models, giving
architects, engineers and scientists the best possible understanding of
three-dimensional information and yields levels of technical proficiency
not available using a typical 3D view. SolidWorks Software Plug-In
Information and Availability

The full version of StereoGraphics' SolidWorks plug-in is distributed free
from the StereoGraphics web site at http://www.StereoGraphics.com. The
SolidWorks plug-in is designed to work exclusively with StereoGraphics'
products and is compatible with a number of stereo-ready OpenGL graphics
cards, including those available from Diamond, Intergraph, ELSA, Hercules,
Omnicomp, Evans & Sutherland, 3Dlabs, Hewlett-Packard and others. About
SolidWorks Corporation

SolidWorks Corporation, a Dassault Systemes S.A. (NASDAQ:DASTY) company,
develops and markets mechanical design software products for Windows.
SolidWorks was founded in 1993 with the mission to bring production solid
modeling to the desktop of every engineer. SolidWorks has offices worldwide
and distributes its products through a network of 200 resellers selling in
43 countries. In 3 years of shipping product, SolidWorks has sold over
22,000 seats of software to over 8,500 customers. For more information and
a product demonstration, contact your local SolidWorks distributor or
reseller today. For the latest news and information from SolidWorks, see
the company's web site (http://www.solidworks.com). About StereoGraphics

StereoGraphics Corporation is the world's leading supplier of Stereo3D
visualization products. StereoGraphics' products allow engineers,
scientists, architects and medical professionals to visualize large,
complex data sets naturally and interactively. Today, over 60,000 users
utilize StereoGraphics' products to reduce errors, enhance design review
and accelerate time-to-market. StereoGraphics' products are sold worldwide
through a network of authorized resellers. For StereoGraphics' product,
sales or reseller information on CrystalEyes Wired and other products from
StereoGraphics, customers can call 800-783-2660, visit the company's Web
site at www.StereoGraphics.com or send an e-mail to

SolidWorks is a registered trademark of SolidWorks Corporation. Copyright
(c) 1999 SolidWorks Corporation. 1.13.99f.

StereoGraphics , CrystalEyes and Monitor ZScreen are registered trademarks
and Stereo3D is a trademark of StereoGraphics Corporation. All other
product and company names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of
their respective holders.

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