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Hii listers

To all of you interested in Patents info, there is a site that you may know or at least the most of you.
in this site you can have a look or copy to your hard drive the most of the US patents on RP and other fields. the address is

 < >
All you have to do is to use Key words for you patent at the top window or use the "bolean text" with your key words using bolan restricters.

This site belongs to IBM and you can get the most of the patents FREE, of course some times the resolution of the scanned patent is not the best but is legible any way or it does not include all the drawings, however if you want the orginal document because it is not complete, you can as well order on line. I have not needed yet but you may.

The best way to download the patent is, once you find your patente and display on the screen "page by page", press the right button of the mouse on each page and select "copy as" where you will be able to save the image as GIF or BMP, I suggest GIF leater you better open it with any "paint" or "photo" edit software to print it.
TIP. I usully create a directory with their respective number for each patent and place in there all the GIF image that belong to that patent.

good lock

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