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From: Martin CM Wong (IC) (
Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 03:16:22 EET

Hi Edith,

We would like to share our humidity experience with you in Hong Kong. In here the yearly average relative humidity is around 80% and in a number of days it is up to 98% . Moisture in the air degrading the prototypes is totally unacceptable.

In early last year and mid of last year, we switched over to use SL5510 in our SLA3500 and SL5220 in our SLA250 respectively and find these two resins are superb and fit in this hot, rainy and humid weather in Hong Kong.


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>>> "E.M. Groenewolt" <> 01/26 10:48 PM >>>
Hello RPers,

Again from a rainy Holland a question about models and humidity.

I'm looking for a SLA resin that allows me to use SLA models in a humid
environment without loosing tolerance.
Is there one and if so who uses it?

Greetings from Holland,
Edith Groenewolt

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