Summary of SL strength

Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 11:06:49 EET

Thanks to all who responded, even those trying to sell me SLS products
(I have 2 500's so there's a slim chance that I am in the market for
that). All information is valuable. I received just what my customer
wanted -- RP user success stories.

The following statements are regarding using SL for testing fans:

* Airtex Products (after-market automotive water and fuel pumps)
held close to 5,000 RPM under pressure of 180 litres per minute of water
when subjected to temperatures of up to 118C. This was using the 5210
resin from the SLA 250.

* GM-Delphi, in either '93 or '94, built and tested fans for
automotive air-conditioning units. We were able to justify the purchase
of an SLA-500 with the cost savings.

* Emerson made similar parts a couple years back using SL5170.
The blade thickness was about 1.5-2.0mm. I don't recall the rpm they
ran, but remember they did do full range airflow testing with them.

* Ford first did this (~1990) and it worked just fine - and that
was with an old acrylic resin.

* It works for other designs too - I had one user who built (in
SL5170) a simple fan (like a multi-blade airplane propeller) about 50mm
diameter and ran it successfully at 16,000 (yes, sixteen thousand) rpm!

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